• Complete beginner to advanced guitar (acoustic, electric and nylon)
  • Beginning to advanced ukulele
  • Beginning to intermediate bass
  • Beginning to advanced writing and arranging
  • Beginning keys

Lessons primarily online

In-person/hybrid lessons may be available in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia)

Lessons scheduled 7 days a week, with periodic breaks for school schedules, family events, and/or national holidays.

Casual but focused.  

Lessons are tailored to the individual student, with focus placed on enjoyment while learning. Sessions approached with your goals in mind. 

All students will apply fundamentals and exercises to songs chosen to fit goals and interests. I can adapt most songs to fit the appropriate skill level. 

I encourage all students who wish to grow to “practice, practice, practice.”

While exploring songs, we may learn:

  • how to care for your instrument
  • how to read and write tablature (TAB)
  • strumming patterns
  • finger picking styles and patterns
  • alternate, economy, sweep, and hybrid picking
  • “common” scales and modes
  • “exotic” scales and modes
  • harmonizing the scale / chord construction
  • open chards, barre chords, double stops, and chord inversions
  • arpeggios
  • intervals and ear training
  • natural and artificial harmonics
  • string bending and vibrato
  • hammer-ons, pull-offs, trills
  • tapping
  • slide guitar
  • lead and rhythm roles
  • improvisation
  • Nashville numbering system
  • 12-bar, ii-V-I (2-5-1), and other chord progressions
  • alternate tunings
  • using a capo
  • using a tremolo bar
  • composition / songwriting
  • tone and use of dynamics
  • how to read and write sheet music
  • exercises to challenge brain and fingers
  • equipment / gear
  • music history and appreciation

and much, much more!

I don’t usually begin teaching beginners how to read sheet music unless that is a specific goal of the student. 

We focus on the level-appropriate fundamentals, reading and writing TAB, and music theory. 

I provide handouts that include TAB, charts, patterns, and exercises.

Custom online lessons average $75/hr for individuals

Weekday daytime lessons are offered at a discount

Rates vary for group sessions

In-person rates consider location and timing 

Discounts offered for back-to-back lessons at the same location

Pay as you go, package, or monthly discounts

Most students prefer 60 minute lessons.  

I also offer 30 minutes for the youngest students or for online lessons, 45-minute lessons for younger students, and 90-minute or longer lessons for those who wish to dive in a little deeper.

I have taught songs and made charts for guitar, ukulele, and bass covering over 750 artists, learning and charting new songs for students and myself regularly. 

Genres include Rock, Blues, Pop, Soul/R&B, Country, Jazz, Metal, etc.